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Micare Cartridge

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The SMOK Micare Replacement Cartridge has a maximum 1ml capacity and a threaded magnetic base, for simple plug-and-play use. There are two variants to choose from; first off is the T1 which is a 1.4-ohm Ceramic Coil. Secondly, is the Q1 1.2-ohm Quartz Coil allows users to enjoy a smooth vaping experience while delivering pure flavor. These replacement cartridges feature a magnetic and threaded connection that are designed for viscous liquids.

Product Specifications

  • Micare Cartridge 
    • Re-Fillable
    • 1ml E-Liquid Capacity
    • Designed for Viscous Liquids
    • Tapered Drip Tip
    • Micare Q1 Cartridge
      • 1.2-ohm Resistance
      • Quartz Coil
      • 1ml or 0.5ml Capacity
    • Micare T1 Cartridge
      • 1.4-ohm Resistance
      • Ceramic Coil
      • 1ml or 0.5ml Capacity
    • Silicone Stopper
    • Proprietary Connection
    • Plug and Play Connection
    • Pod Acts as Drip Tip
    • Threaded Connection 

Product Includes

  • One SMOK Micare Cartridge

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