ZFit Vapes - The Next Big Thing?

by farzan jessani on February 28, 2021

With vapes like the STLTH and Puff Bars taking over the market in recent days it's clear what consumers are looking for... satisfying hits, convenience and ease of use. 

The ZFit

The latest to hit the pod style vape market, the ZFit features a sleek, compact design and some vibrant new colours. These new pod systems provide a low-powered pull, using higher nicotine percentages and integrated pods instead of traditional tanks. All of these features come together in a product that is simple, easy to operate, and very portable. Uniquely, vape pod devices are capable of offering a cigarette-like experience, replicating the convenience and hit that smokers look for in a traditional cigarette, and are well-suited for those looking to quit smoking cigarettes but are unwilling to use drugs or slow-release nicotine aides.

The ZFit comes ready with a 350 mAh battery which should last a day under even heavy usage. Easy charging through the included charging cable makes owning this vape a convenient option for most vaping needs.

The ZFit has a premium build quality resulting in reliable loading and unloading and many consumers have left great reviews attesting to the quality of the hits.

The Switch to Pod Systems

Consumers started out vaping with big mods and have been making the switch to pod systems like the ZFit in favour of easy pod refills and simpler vaping experience. The ZFit is going to fit right in with the flat design that will barely be visible in your pocket!

Final Note

Why should you buy a ZFit? At the end of the day it’s a simple choice. The hard hits, the sleek design, and compact form factor makes it a great alternative to the STLTH, JUUL or NIKKI pod systems.