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Double Trouble Disposable Vape - Never Get Tired of Vaping Again?

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Double Trouble Disposable Vape - Never Get Tired of Vaping Again?

Can you name anything better than 1 flavour? I can... 2 flavours!

The market has seen a sharp rise in popularity for disposable vapes and it's no surprise, they are more convenient, arguably more affordable and don't require the consistent upkeep compared to the larger box mods.

We have seen Puff and Pop bars make a splash but the Double Trouble is the next big thing!

Why the Double Trouble is so good

People often complain about getting used to the taste of juice and hardly being able to taste their juices. With the double trouble, Vaper's tongue is literally a thing of the past! Being able to switch through juices with ease makes every hit taste like a brand new experience. The major advantage to the Double Trouble is that flavours will never get old again! Every time you want a different hit, it's only a simple switch away! Try tasting both at the same time for a third flavour that may be better than the original!

There are 18 different flavours for everyone to try by the time you've been through them all starting again will feel brand new!

Key Features

  • 2x3 mL flavours in 1 device
  • Up to 1000 puffs per flavour!
  • Easy switch mechanics

Getting Started

The Double Trouble 2-in-1 fits the bright and colourful vibe. It features a colourful vibrant design and can fit easily into a pocket or hand. The streamlined tube design gives off the same feeling many are used to with other pod style systems such as the STLTH or the ZFit devices. The best way to describe it would be “fun” or “exciting” with all those different flavour combinations to try. It is super easy to use with an auto draw feature and doesn’t ever need to be charged for it’s full life cycle. 

In terms of feel and looks the unit has a solid build and won’t die partway through use unlike some fake disposables sold at illegitimate places.


Double Trouble Disposables come in 18 different flavours and every single one is a must try! Each and every flavour has a bright and unique taste that complements the other flavour in your device very well. Here’s a breakdown:

Banana Popsey / Orange Popsey

This is quite the combo, definitely a popular one over here at Vape Cave the Banana and Orange popsey come together to form a nice medley that never gets old! You can definitely taste the banana and orange and when switching back and forth never stop hitting!

Blue Slushie / Pink Lemonade

The blue slushie really pops when paired with the pink lemonade, we seem to be coming back to the recurring theme of perfect pairs when it comes to the Double Trouble Vapes. This combo is on the sweeter side and for everyone that loves those bright flavours this is definitely down your alley!

Cool Grape / Frozen Mango

Another electric pair, the cool grape has a refreshing taste that reminds me back when fruity juices were all the rave! Frozen mango pairs well and balances the intensity of each flavour well. Many customers have talked about how “refreshing” this combo is.

Watermelon Freeze / Pineapple Freeze

For all the menthol lovers WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE! A freeze freeze combo will always hit differently. Those looking for that throat hit don’t have to look any further as menthol always leaves that wonderful mouth feel that can’t be beat! These flavours both feature different taste profiles so you won’t be getting tired of either any time soon!

Minty Strawberry / Fuzzy Cool Peach

The minty strawberry is a mild flavour with bright aromas that bring you right back to a strawberry field. The fuzzy cool peach is a milder orangey flavour that complement each other well. Don’t get mild mixed up with the nicotine though because these both are 50 mg juices that are sure to hit the sweet spot.

Blackberry Lemon / Red Raspberry

Get bold with the blackberry lemon / red raspberry combo. These two are sure to satisfy any vapers taste buds. Blackberry lemon features a hazy cross between the two fruits that leaves your mouth fluttering with undertones of lemon and a wonderful blackberry flavour. Red Raspberry features a bright raspberry taste that doesn’t overpower your taste buds. Be sure to switch between these whenever you like to maximize the flavours you get to experience!

Hawaii Guava Ice/ Lush Ice

Minty fresh, always the best. Another one here for menthol lovers the Hawaii Guava ice is a mellow yet delicious flavour that leaves a great taste behind! Lush ice is probably the most refreshing menthol flavour out right now and is an excellent combo when paired with the Hawaii Guava Ice. Switching between the stronger and lighter menthol combo’s is sure to never get boring!

Rainbow Candy/ Energy Monster

For the daring and the adventure lovers this combo is going to be a favourite. Rainbow Candy is a sweet flavour. Think nerds or any of those candies you used to love but don’t get to binge anymore. Now here we come to the mystery round. I’m leaving energy monster up to the daring. The adventurous and curious ones who want to find out. They’re waiting over at vape cave in stock as we speak (well I write and you read).

Aloe White Grape/Banana Taffy

And last but not least we have arrived at the 17th and 18th flavours. Aloe has a smooth and relaxing draw that really shines light to the grape. Banana taffy is a milder version of the 2nd banana flavour that has a sweet banana flavour that leaves your mouth with a pleasant aftertaste.


Each Double Trouble retails at 21.99. For two flavours and 1000 pulls each that’s a hard price to beat compared to other disposable vapes on the market right now. The Double Trouble will arguably last longer than other vapes as well due to the fresh flavours available every time. For even better deals make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive offers you won’t want to miss out on!

The Bottom Line

So which ones are you going to try? Start working through those flavours now and pick up your own double trouble at vapecave.ca!

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